Information: Studio & Store Policies

Policies, last updated 2012


Tuition is due the 1st class of each month. After the 5th day, there will be a $5.00 late fee and no discounts. If tuition has not been paid by the end of the month, student will be withdrawn from their class.


A calendar will be sent home with students monthly. Please check it for important dates.


A newsletter will be posted on the board in the store. It will be the parents' responsibility to check it. Copies will be available for those who want them.

Recital Rehearsal

All students are required to be at the recital rehearsal for the Opening and Closing number. If they can not attended they will not be able to performing in those numbers.


We are in the Rock Island school district, so if school is canceled because of bad weather, we to will be closed.

Dress Code

Proper Dress attire is expected by the first day of class, The dress code guide is as follows.


Any color and style of leotard and tights are fine, Ballet skirts may be worn for ballet but not required. Jazz pants are great for jazz and hip hop but not required, Hair must be off the shoulders and out of the face. No jeans or jean shorts will be allowed.


Black pants and snug-fitting T-shirt


Ballet shoes for ballet (split sole for upper level) Jazz shoes (split sole for upper levels) for jazz and hip hop. Jazz sneakers or tennis shoes may be worn for hip hop but not required. Tap shoes for tap (split sole for upper level).


All students are expected to attend class on a regular basis and to be on time, as absence and tardiness hampers the progress of the entire class. If your dancer misses more than two classes consecutively with out an explanation or phone call, your space is forfeited to the next person on the waiting list.


If you wish to discontinue your enrollment, we require a withdraw form to be completed and returned 30 days in advance. Accounts will be billed until we have received a withdraw form. We reserve the right to discontinue service to anyone.

Optional Make-up Lessons

Excused absence may be made up. Please schedule this through your teacher. It will be with another class.


Dance is a discipline and learning experience. Dancers are expected to behave and to be attentive during class, Teachers will notify parents if their dancer is creating a problem in class.

Parent Visitation

There will be scheduled parent Visitation nights where you can come and watch your students class. Otherwise parents are not allowed in the class rooms while class is in session.



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